2022 Board Elections

The second cooperative principle of credit unions states that credit unions are democratic organizations owned and controlled by their members, one member one vote, with equal opportunity for participation in setting policies and making decisions.  It is once again election time at the credit union.

There are two Board positions and one Supervisory Committee position up for election in 2022.  All incumbents (Kenny Miller, Kevin Smith, and Josh Rhoads) wish to continue volunteering to serve the credit union.

Members seeking election are asked to fill out a volunteer application.  Applicants must be willing to serve, be able to donate their time, be a member in good standing, and be age 18 or older.  All applicants will be required to meet with the nominating/election committee for a brief interview and explanation of what the position involves including monthly board meetings, training requirements, events, phone calls and participation in e-mail discussions amongst the board.

Associate Board member opportunities may be available for credit union members that want to be involved but do not necessarily wish to run for a board position at this time.

Members wishing to run for a Board or Supervisory Committee position or to volunteer as an associate member, please email elections@firecu.net for instructions and more information.




Timeline for 2022 Credit Union Elections

January 10th – 21st                              Applications Accepted

January 24th – 28th                               Interviews

Jan 31st – Feb 4th                                Voting Online