A Safe, Secure and Convenient way to Keep Track of your Account

Save time and paper by enrolling for e-Notices, e-Alerts and e-Statements today!

It’s a Safe, Secure and Convenient way to keep track of your account.

e-Notices are an electronic version of notices sent out by the credit union. Documents such as Share Certificate maturity reminders, overdraft letters and negative share letters can be sent via e-Notice. How does it work? SFCU sends an email notifying you to log on to your SFCU Online Banking to view your e-Notices in My Messages.

e-Alerts are configured by the member to alert them about certain issues regarding their account. You can configure notifications of account activity, such as: when your current account balance is over or under a certain amount, when your direct deposit posts to your account or when withdrawals or deposits exceed a certain amount.

e-Statements allow you to view your account statements online or to easily print them at home. You are notified by email when your e-Statements are ready. Then simply log on to Online Banking to view up to 18 months of statements. This also allows you to download, print, or copy your statement to a disk for future reference.

How do I set up e-Notices, e-Alerts and e-Statements?
Simply log on to our ItsMe 247 Online Banking System, then go to My Messages, e-Alert Subscriptions and choose from a variety of selections. Or simply contact SFCU and we will be happy to help you sign up!

Remember that less financial information in your mailbox means fewer worries for you!