Help Your CU Fight Debit and Credit Card Fraud!

If you do not report your cards lost or stolen immediately, you may be costing the membership of your credit union many dollars in fraud losses. All debit and credit card fraud losses are shared by the members of your credit union!

Do your part to ensure the health of your cooperative by stopping fraud before it starts.
Things you can do:
  • Never leave wallets or purses in your vehicle, even if locked
  • Only use your cards at trusted online retailers
  • Never give away your card number unless you intend on completing a purchase
  • Monitor your account activity in online banking or mobile app for unauthorized transactions
  • Call the CU or after hours hotline to report your cards lost or stolen immediately
  • Use Card Controls in the mobile app to block cards that are lost or stolen


Report Your Cards Lost or Stolen Right Away!

Lost or Stolen VISA DEBIT Card
Day: (509) 484-5650
Nights & Weekends: (888) 241-2510
Lost or Stolen VISA CREDIT Card
Day: (509) 484-5650
Nights & Weekends: (866) 333-4740