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APR* = Annual Percentage Rate

Loan Rates - Effective Sunday, June 13, 2021
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
New Cars & Trucks 2019 & Newer1.990%New Vehicle Rates Now LOWER at YOUR Credit Union! (1)(2)(3)
Used Cars & Trucks 2011-20182.490%Hassle Free Financing with YOUR Credit Union! (1)(2)(3)
Used Cars & Trucks 2010-Older5.990%Hassle Free Financing with YOUR Credit Union! (1)(2)(3)
Motorcycles 2019 & Newer3.990%SFCU leads pack with LOW rates on new bike loans! (1)(2)(3)
Used Motorcycles 2011-20184.740%YOUR CU leads the pack with our LOW rate toy loans!(1)(2)(3)
Used Motorcycles 2010 & Older7.740%YOUR CU leads the pack with our LOW rate toy loans!(1)(2)(3)
Boat & Watercraft 2019 & Newer3.990%Our NEW Boat Loan Rates float to the top! (1)(2)(3)
Boats & Watercraft 2011-20184.740%Cruise to big savings with a SFCU USED Boat Loan! (1)(2)(3)
Boat & Watercraft 2010 & Older7.740%Cruise to big savings with a SFCU USED Boat Loan! (1)(2)(3)
New RV's/Trailers 2019 & Newer3.990%Our NEW RV Rates pull ahead of the competition! (1)(2)(3)
Used RV's/Trailer 2011-20184.740%Hit the open road with our LOW USED RV Rates! (1)(2)(3)
Used RV's/Trailer 2010-Older7.740%Hit the open road with our LOW USED RV Rates! (1)(2)(3)
Visa Classic10.900%SFCU Visa - Low Fees at a Competitive 10.9% APR!
Share Secured Loan2.740%Borrow from your savings and save with a share secured loan.
Signature Loan9.490%This no frills unsecured loan can help out in a pinch.(1)(2)
Holiday Loans5.490%Holiday Loans are back at the CU!
HELOC4.000%SFCU HELOCs are a great tool for home improvement!(4)(5)


(1) Rate assumes a .50% discount on the APR for automatic payment via payroll deduct or payment from direct deposit, with deposit being large enough to cover a minimum monthly payment.

(2) Rate stated is the lowest possible rate and will vary depending on credit score, term, loan to value, and age of collateral. Lowest possible rate is for loans with terms of 48 months or less, with .25% being added for each year up to 84 months. Example: for cars and trucks 2019 and newer, the lowest possible rate for 48 months is 1.99%, 60 months is 2.24%, 72 months 2.49%, 84 months is 2.74%. Contact the credit union for rate details on Boat and RV loans with terms greater than 84 months.

(3) RVs and Boats can be amortized up to 15 years depending on loan amount

(4) Rate based on an index (Wall Street Journal Money Rates, Prime Rate). Loan floor rate is 4.00% APR and ceiling rate of 18.00% APR. Rates are variable and subject to change.

(5) Appraisals are required on all transactions $250,000 or greater, while tax assessed values may be used for valuation at the discretion of the credit union.


Member Rewards

Ask a Member Service Representative about our Member Rewards program.  Platinum members can receive Loan Interest Rebates of .25% APR on qualifying loans, while Gold members see rebates of .15% APR!