Member Rewards

Announcing Member Rewards: Great members deserve great rewards

Loyalty Matters

Spokane Firefighters Credit Union is proud to offer the benefits of Member Rewards to our members  Every account holder will earn rewards for doing business with Spokane Firefighters Credit Union.  The more products and services you use, the greater rewards you will receive.

It’s the member/owners that make Spokane Firefighters Credit Union who we are, what we stand for and what we focus on.  Our Member Rewards Program increases the value of membership by rewarding you for participation in the true spirit of a cooperative financial institution.

Rewards include free services, investment rate bonuses and loan interest rebates.  Plus you can also cash in your reward points to “buy” promotional items and gifts on display in our lobby.  All these things are available by simply taking advantage of the full range of SFCU’s financial services.

You Are Already Enrolled!

There is no need to enroll in Member Rewards.  All member accounts are scored on the last day of each month.  Your score determines the level of rewards for the following month.  Your Member Rewards level and the total points scored will appear on your monthly statement and online banking.

Loan Interest Rebates

Platinum and Gold Members receive loan interest rebates of .25% APR and .15% APR, respectively, on qualifying loans.  Make us your primary financial institution and watch the “Club Benefits” pile up in your share account!

CD Bonus Dividends

Platinum and Gold Members receive certificate bonus dividends of .25% APY and .15% APY above our posted rates as well!

Member Rewards Merchandise

Check out the display case in the CU lobby or contact a Member Service Representative to see what kind of swag you can score.

Member Reward Point Levels

Essential ( 0 – 299 )

  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free Online Account Access
  • Free Starter Checks
  • Free E-Statements

Silver (300 – 600)

Rewards include everything in essential along with;

  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Phone Transfers
  • Free Transaction Histories
  • Free Check Cashing Service

Gold (601 – 950)

Rewards include everything in the above two groups along with;

  • Free Notary Service
  • Free Money Orders
  • Free Cashiers Checks
  • 0.15% IRA Bonus *
  • 0.15% Certificate Bonus*
  • 0.15% Loan Rebate**

Platinum (951+)

Rewards include everything above along with;

  • Free check orders
  • Free domestic wire transfers
  • 0.25% IRA Bonus*
  • 0.25% Certificate Bonus*
  • 0.25% Loan Rebate**

*Certificates and IRA bonus will be added to your balance when dividends are paid and based on your tier level each month.

**Qualifying loans must be one of the following: RPM Mortgage, Home Equity or HELOC, Auto, Recreational Vehicle, Boat, Motorcycle, or Signature loan. Rebate Reward will be deposited in your primary share account at the end of each qualifying month.  Fannie Mae Mortgages and VISA Credit Card loans are not eligible for loan interest rebates.

So How Do I Earn Points?

Use Your Credit Union and Earn Reward Points:

  • Each Year of Membership / 5
  • Audio Response – Active / 25
  • Active ItsMe247 / 50
  • E-Statements / 50
  • Bill Payment Enrolled / 50
  • $500+ Auto Payroll Deposit / 100
  • $500+ ACH Deposit / 100
  • Transfers via AFT / 25
  • Valid E-Mail / 25
  • E-Notice Subscription / 25
  • E-Alerts Subscription / 25
  • Wrong Mailing Address / (-100)

Increase your SAVINGS and Earn Monthly Reward Points:

  • Active Checking Account / 50
  • Debit Card / 100
  • Share Certificate / 25
  • IRA Share or Certificate products / 50
  • Total Savings Balance up to $4,999 / 25
  • Total Savings Balance $5,000-$9,999 / 50
  • Total Savings Balance $10,000-$74,999 / 75
  • Total Savings Balance $75,000-$99,999 / 100
  • Total Savings Balance over $100,000 / 150

Borrow From Your Credit Union and Get Great Rates and Terms Plus Earn Reward Points:

  • Mortgage / 100
  • Home Equity or HELOC / 75
  • Any Other Loans (car, visa, etc.) / 50
  • Loan Payments via AFT / 50
  • Loan Payments via ACH / 50
  • Total Loan Balance up to $4,999 / 25
  • Total Loan Balance $5,000-$9,999 / 50
  • Total Loan Balance $10,000-$74,999 / 75
  • Total Loan Balance $75,000-$99,999 / 100
  • Total Loan Balance over $100,000 / 150
  • Credit Card / 100
  • Any Delinquent Loan > 30 Days / (-999)

What Else Can I Do?

Your reward points that are earned each month will start to build up in your account.  We have a display case full of merchandise that you can purchase using your reward points.  In the future we’ll continue to look for fun and innovative ways for members to use reward points.  Also, during the holidays, members can donate their points and the credit union will purchase toys to give to local children through Toy for Tots.