Rapid Payoff Mortgage (RPM)

If being mortgage free is your goal, then this is the loan for you. This low fee mortgage with a very competitive interest rate helps members achieve their financial goals by getting their mortgage paid off quickly, freeing them to plan for retirement and for all that life has to offer. Watch that principle balance drop like a rock with our RPM loan!

With 5, 10, & 15 year term options the RPM has helped many Spokane Firefighters Credit Union members save thousands of dollars on the way to financial freedom.

20 & 30 Year Refinances

The CU offers low cost options allowing members to obtain long term financing for home refinances. We strive to give members the lowest rates possible, while keeping fees low. Why choose online lenders when you can work with someone that you know and trust?

Contact a loan officer to learn more or to check today’s rates.