Other Services

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Convenient, automatic and safe, Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction are smart and easy ways to manage your account. With Direct Deposit, deposits are made more promptly and reliably. A Payroll Deduction arrangement allows members to automatically make a loan payment or regular savings deposit from their paycheck.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit enables a payer to send your check directly to Spokane Firefighters Credit Union where your funds are immediately deposited into your account any way you choose. Direct Deposit gives you faster access to your funds, and is safer too. You can also save time by not having to make special trips to the Credit Union, or wait in a teller line on payday. It’s available to all members with employers participating in the program, and members who receive any type of regular government check.
If you receive a regular check from one of the following, Direct Deposit is available to you:

    • Social Security
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Civil Service or Military Retirement
    • Federal and Armed Forces Salary
    • VA Compensation and Pension
    • Railroad Retirement

If you’re not sure whether you qualify, please ask the payroll department representative at your company, or contact us at the Credit Union.

Payroll Deduction

Some members may choose to send only a portion of their paycheck to the Credit Union. Maybe you’d like to make a loan payment automatically, or regularly put money into savings, the choice is yours. Payroll Deductions are automatic which means you’ll never forget to make a loan payment and/or your savings account will always be growing!

CU*Talk Telephone Banking – 24 Hour Account Access

CU*Talk offers you an immediate, direct link to your Spokane Firefighters Credit Union accounts through Speedy Line. This free telephone banking system provides a simple, convenient and reliable way for you to access your Credit Union accounts — wherever you are, and whenever you wish. With one easy telephone call, you’ll connect with our computer. Dial in your special access codes and you can make transfers, find out which checks have cleared your account, and much more. If you’re out of town, you can call CU*Talk toll-free from anywhere in the U.S.

It’s Me 247 Home Banking – 24 Hour Account Access

Worldwide internet access is available to your accounts 24/7 with ItsMe247. This free online account access allows you to perform balance inquires, balance transfers and much more at your convenience. Find additional information under the Online Banking tab.

VISA Debit / Check Card

Our VISA Check Card allows you to use a plastic card when making purchases, rather than writing a check. You can also use the card to withdraw cash from thousands of cash machines worldwide which display the VISA network logo.

Low Rate VISA Credit Card

A Spokane Firefighters Credit Union VISA is the shopping and traveling companion you shouldn’t be without. Our low interest rate can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges. Consolidate your bank and department store cards by transferring the balances to your Spokane Firefighters VISA and you can really save some money!

There’s So Much More…

    • Money Orders
    • NADA values for autos, boats & RVs
    • Mail & phone transactions
    • Wire Transfers
    • Free Notary Service
    • Toll Free (800) Number
    • ….And the List Goes On.